Friday, October 12, 2012

30 great DIY rug tutorials

I must have checked out over 50 different painted rug projects done by other bloggers before deciding what to with my own 2 white IKEA Erslev rugs.
For the nursery I went with a bright yellow and white stripey pattern and I am really pleased with the result.

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For the living room I wanted a more ethnic look and went with a dark brown colour for the pattern. I am equally pleased with how this one turned out. The best thing is you get two tries since you can just turn it over and go again on the other side if it doesn't turn out the way you hoped it would. 

I am yet to post a full tutorial for how I did this rug... but it's coming.

Here is a list of 30 best painted rug projects I came across while looking for inspiration for my own rugs. I have posted some of these links before but thought that they were worth re-posting. These links will also take you to some pretty cool home improvement blogs that are worth taking a look at. 
They are listed in no particular order.

     1. How to make a block print rug at Apartment Therapy
     2. How to paint an indoor/outdoor rug at DIY Maven
     3. Stenciled pattern rug at Pudel-design
     4. DIY zig-zag rug tutorial at adventures in dressmaking
     5. DIY turning an old rug into Chevron beauty at SAS interiors
     6. DIY Chevron rug at High-heeled foot in the door
     7. DIY painted IKEA rug at Charm Home Design
     8. DIY Geometric Rug at Classically Modern Nest
     9. Tutorial: Hand Painted Rug at Diddle Dumpling
   10. The great Rug adventure (foam stamped rug) at Ramblings around DC and beyond
   11. Ikea rug makeover at a little bit of everything
   12. Ikea rug painted with grey and white Chevron pattern at Hayley Anderson
   13. DIY painted faux Kilim rug at Forge
   14. Chevron Rug DIY at Mason Jar Champagne
   15. Chevron painted rug from Ikea at The House of Smiths
   16. DIY stamped rug tutorial at My Hands Made It
   17. DIY polka dot rug at katiecupcake
   18. DIY painted Kilim rug at The Gold Jelly Bean
   19. DIY Herringbone rug at All Things Lovely
   20. Jen at tatertots & jello has painted a ton of rugs in different patterns
   21. DIY Metallic Gold Zebra rug at the Home Depot by Caroline Inge
   22. DIY printed long entrance rug at Trieu Love
   23. Animal print rug by This Mommy
   24. DIY table cloth rug by Dream Book Design
   25. DIY felt zebra rug for nursery
   26. Black and white painted rug by Diapered Daze & Knights
   27. Scrap fabric chevron rug by The House That Lars Built
   28. Painted Morocco rug by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs
   29. T-shirt rug DIY by Xoelle
   30. Braided rag rug at Little House in the Suburbs

These are just a few of the projects I came across, there are plenty more rug DIYs out there to explore.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my rug! Your rug looks amazing! I am going to pin it for a future room :)


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