Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chalkboard wall cover up & a DIY sticky note calendar

I've mentioned the weird wall decor (tiles) in our rented Hong Kong flat before:
In our living room we have two opposing walls, one is covered with grey stone tiles with cave painting symbols on them, on the other there are some patterned shiny green metallic tiles. They look horrible on their own and they look even worse together also the floor is also not great, but that I can live with. Otherwise the quality, size and location of the flat is great for what rent we pay which is why I am currently living with these strange design details... Hong Kong flats don't come cheap.
The worst wall, in my opinion,  is the green metallic one. Luckily the tiles were smooth and I managed to come up with a great and cheap solution to it without having to alter it in any way (not allowed as we rent), I covered it from top till toe in black chalkboard sticker wallpaper.
These were sticker panels 3meter x 60cm in size and they are easily removed should we wish to move out. I found them online, they were cheap and took about 20minutes to put up. Problem solved!

Me and my boyfriend use them to teach each other our languages, Flemish and Swedish (although we are proceeding very slowly as we keep on forgetting to update them) and I've created a big sticky note calendar on it.

It works great, I added 31 days so that I wouldn't have to alter it from month to month and just added a little note saying NOT THIS MONTH if the month only has 30 days. All I have to change from month to month is that and the name of the month at the bottom. I place the sticky notes with reminders on the date squares writing the name of the day at the top, that way when I have a few sticky notes it is easy to see and know what date is what day.

This is what the metallic tiled wall I am covering up looks like.

I am still not loving the opposing wall but this solution is not an option for it for two reasons,
it would make the room too dark and the tiles are not smooth so the stickers would not adhere to it.

What can I do with this wall, in our rented flat?
Does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions??

Here is another very cool idea for a chalk accent wall DIY.


  1. Hi there, Just found your blog. On the wall that is covered with the metal, couldn't you make a wood frame the same size of the metal wall and put woodshims or a chevon pattern (stain the wood) and stick it up against the wall?


  2. Hi Katrina,
    Thanks! Both those options look beautiful, I would LOVE to have a wall feature like either of those.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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